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Travelling to Latvia without self-isolation from EU countries

Travelling to Latvia without self-isolation from EU countries

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Beginning from June 3, entry into Latvia by countries of the European Union is allowed, without 14 days of self-isolation.

Latvian Prime Minister Krishjanis Karins said «Free Traveling Zone» is expanding and it will include all countries of the EU and EEZ, where the 14-day cumulative incidence rate of Covid-19 no longer exceeds 15 reported case per 100,000 population.

For today: the self-isolation requirement does not apply for travelers from 26 EU and EEZ countries - Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Romania, France, Finland, Germany, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Lichtenstein, Malta, and Spain.


Other countries for instant Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, UK, and Sweden are now on the waiting list for better indicators on the 14-day cumulative incidence rate of Covid-19.

More details list you can be found in the Latvian Government website

Latvian Prime Minister Krishjanis Karins said that the incidence is declining throughout Europe. Therefore, we expect that the number of travelers arriving from countries where it will be necessary to observe self-isolation will decrease even further. This is very good news for our economy” K. Karins said. 

Friends, this is also very good news for us!

Our school organizes the Summer figure skating camp in Latvia. Camp dates: July 13 - August 07. There is a good opportunity to spend the summer with good benefits by taking part in the figure skating camp and having a rest with the whole family at the Seaside Resort in Jurmala.

At the moment, Latvia is considered one of the safest country from the Coronavirus. Full training and relaxation for the whole family are safe in Latvia.

More detailed information about the Summer camps in Latvia you can find clicking on the link.


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