Year-round International Figure Skating Camps
for children of all ages. Latvia, Moscow, Bulgaria, Turkey.

upcoming camp in the city
28.10.2019 — 02.11.2019

Figure Skating Camps all the year round

Autumn Figure Skating Camp in Latvia
28.10.2019 — 02.11.2019

Autumn Camp in Tukums, Latvia

Autumn figure skating camp for children during school holidays will take place in Tukums Ice Hall, Latvia. Don't miss the opportunity to take a week-long intensive training course at A.Rjabinin's International Figure Skating School. The figure skating program includes basic training sessions and additional on-ice and off-ice training training sessions. There is also an exclusive opportunity to take a course on a unique vestibular simulator of A.Mišin - ROTATOR and learn jumps on the ice with the skate harness system. Apply for the camp right now, because the number of places is limited.
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23.12.2019 — 30.12.2019

Figure Skating Winter Camp in Ozolnieki, Latvia

Winter Figure Skating Camp will take place at sports base for skaters in Ozolnieki, Latvia. In addition to basic training sessions, which are included in the camp price, we have lots of different types of extra training sessions. The camp is intended for skaters of different levels at any age. During the camp, we will take care about the Christmas tree party for children and of course the gifts.
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International Figure Skating Winter Camp 2019-2020 for children of all ages in Ozolnieki, Latvia
Figure Skating Camp during the winter Holidays for children of all ages in the Lobnya city, Moscow region, Russia
02.01.2020 — 07.01.2020

Figure Skating Winter Camp in Lobnya, Moscow region, Russia

Winter ice Camp of figure skating at the Palace of Sports «Lobnya», Moscow Region, 13 km from Sheremetyevo Airport. International figure skating camp successfully coincide with the winter holidays, from January 02.01- 07.01.2020. It's great opportunity to improve your skating skills and learn new moves. During the Camp of Figure Skating we will care about the right technique of jumping and gliding and will learn new moves on ice for step sequences. There will be additional training sessions with harness system, individual lessons for creating Short programs or Free Skates, and training sessions on the vestibular simulator of Aleksey Mishin will help to polish jumps and spins. Hurry to register - places is limited!
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23.03.2020 — 28.03.2020

Figure Skating Spring Camp in Lobnya, Moscow region, Russia

Figure Skating Spring Camp for skaters will take place at the «Lobnya» Sports Palace, Moscow region, Russia. Don't miss the opportunity to take a week-long intensive training course in the International Figure Skating school of Alexander Ryabinin. The training program includes basic training sessions and additional sessions on the ice and in the hall. Exclusive opportunity to take training course on the A.Mishin's vestibulator and learn jumps with the harness. Hurry - the number of participants is limited!
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International Figure Skating Spring Camp 2020 for children of all ages in Lobnya, Moscow Region, Russia
International Figure Skating Spring Camp 2020 for children of all ages in Latvia
06.04.2020 — 18.04.2020

Figure Skating Spring Camp in Valmiera, Latvia

Figure Skating Spring Camp at the Olympic Center of sport in Valmiera, Latvia. Two weeks of productive training at the international figure skating ice camp will provide for skaters a powerful push in his sports career. We provide the best conditions and a reputable coaching staff for professionals and novice skaters. Signup today and join intensive training sessions at the spring. The number of participants is limited.
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08.06.2020 — 19.06.2020

Summer Ice Camp in Lobnya, Moscow region, Russia

Figure skating summer camp for children of all ages in the Moscow region, city Lobnya from June 08 to June 19, 2020. Palace of Sports «Lobnya» just 13 km from Sheremetyevo. We invite figure skaters to take part in an intensive training course for accelerating the process of learning to jumps and other elements of figure skating. To improve the figure skating skills and learn new elements of figure skating. Much of extra ice training sessions in the mini group and individually. Production of programs, jumps with skate harness, exercises on the A.Mishin's vestibulat trainer and more... Figure skating is waiting for you!
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International Figure Skating Summer Camp 2020 for children of all ages in Russia
International Figure Skating Summer Camp 2020 in Ozolnieki, Latvia for children of all ages
22.06.2020 — 07.08.2020

Figure Skating Summer Camp in Ozolnieki, Latvia

Spend the meaningful summer holidays at the figure skating summer camp for children in Latvia from June 22 to August 7, 2020. The summer figure skating camp in Ozolnieki is a great rest for parents and a good intensive of figure skating training sessions for a child. For the figure skating camp, in Latvia, we have a good climate, one of the best sports complex, professional team of coaches and lot of ice training. Individual lessons and program setting, jumping training with the skate harness and exercises on the unique vestibular simulator of the Alexei Mishin. Everything that necessary for your figure skater he gets at the figure skating summer camp in Latvia! Fill the application form - the number of places is limited.
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10.08.2020 — 22.08.2020

Summer Figure Skating Camp in Kranevo, Bulgaria

The greatest event for the figure skaters - figure skating summer ice camp in the city of Kranevo, Bulgaria, at Black Sea Ice Arena, from 10 till 22 August 2020. Camp of figure skaters and rest for all family it is a great opportunity to save your time and to combine intensive figure skating training sessions with rest by the sea. Registration to the camp already is open - join us!
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International Figure Skating Summer Camp 2020 for children of all ages in Bulgaria at Black Sea Ice Arena

Individual training and figure skating camps to order

Year-round figure skating ice camps for skaters of all ages in the mini group and individually in Latvia
01.01.2019 — 01.01.2020

Figure skating ice camps in the mini group or individually in Latvia

Figure skating ice camps in the mini-group or individually at your convenient dates in Riga. On-ice and off-ice training sessions. Jumps with skate harness, exercises on the vestibular simulator of A. Mishin. Coaches can also come to you, and provide ice camp at your ice rink. Do not miss the opportunity to take an intensive course of figure skating at the convenient dates for you. Year-round figure skating Ice training sessions.
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01.01.2019 — 01.01.2020

Figure skating camp by order

Figure skating camps in any part of the world. Our team of professional trainers from Russia and Europe will lead a closed camp for your athletes in groups and individually using the latest techniques in figure skating training. International camps under the leadership of Alexander Rybinin, a coach from St. Petersburg - professional figure skating camps for children of all ages.
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Figure Skating Camps anywhere in the World to order. Group training sessions and individually

We are pleased to invite you to attend the International Figure Skating Camp for children of all ages! Figure skating camp for children - the unique combination of an understandable theory, balanced practice and working out techniques using unique techniques. Professional world-class coaches can easily find an individual approach to any skater. Ice skating camps are held in Latvia, Russia (Moscow), Turkey and Bulgary at the same dates as the school holidays around the world, therefore, perfectly combine with rest. Within the framework of the camp, there is a comfortable schedule – training sessions until 3 pm. During the ice skating camp, the participants will learn new figure skating elements, will receive invaluable practice, will perform the most difficult jumps and choreography and will charge with the competitive spirit. All this – under the control of experienced coaches-organizers of figure skating camp, without injuries and with the greatest pleasure. In 2019-2020 we are planning more than 15 regular professional autumn, winter, spring and summer figure skating ice camps. Ice skating winter camp – will take place from December 24 to January 07 in Latvia and Moscow. Ice skating spring camps will be held from March 23 to 28 in Moscow and from. By the way, figure skating spring camp will be organized also in Latvia from April 06 to April 18. Ice figure skating summer camps are planned from June 08 to June 19 in Turkey, from June 22 to August 07 (Latvia), from August 10 to 22 (Bulgary). In the fall of 2020, ice skating autumn camp will take place from October 26 to 31, and winter figure skating camp – from December 21, 2020 to January 09, 2021. Each participant of the figure skating ice camps will discover their new inner talents and completely enthralled with this magical sport even more.

Our coaches


Certified coach from St.Petherburg. Master of Sports in the figure skating. Student of the Honored Coach of Russia Z.A. Ryabinina. Jump specialist.


Certified figure skating coach from Europe. Specialist in gliding and spins.


Figure skating camp coordinator


Figure skating coach from Moscow. Master of Sports in the figure skating. Younger age skaters specialist.


Figure skating coach from Europe. Younger age skaters specialist.


Choreographer and ballet master of the Latvian Choreography School


Choreographer of modern dance. Graduated the Latvian Academy of Culture.


Sports doctor, kinesiologist. Massage for children and adults


Choreographer and street dance teacher in Culture College and Ghetto Dance Academy.

Our advantages



Training sessions with the Alexei Mishin's unique vestibular training system.


Sports camp at an affordable price. Seems the best offer on the market.


Every skater receives proper attention, which makes the training sessions effective.

Comfortable schedule of training sessions

The basic training sessions approximately run from 9 am to 3 pm

Individual approach to each skater

We can find the right approach to each child, which makes the training session so effective


Certified coaches from Russia and Europe. Coaches have great experience working with children of all ages at different levels of training, from beginners to high-level athletes.

individual lessons and training sessions in the mini groups

Learning jumps on the harness, creating the new programs or polishing the current, skating programs with the music, stretching - activity for those who want to additionally stretch.

Training with the harness

An effective tool for learning jumps. Eliminates fear, helps to coordinate during a jump.


We organize events for children (excursions, picnics, Christmas tree, birthdays)

Learning the right technique of jumping relying on the latest training methods, whose effectiveness had already been proved by strongest Russian figure skating schools.


Training sessions with the harness. Significantly accelerates the learning process of jumping, reduces the risk of injury and gives the confidence during the jumps.


Learning spinning techniques and new spin positions. Working with spin level increasing and spin combinations. Variations of spins with different leg and arm positions.


Basics of the figure skating. Teaching the right technique of gliding and learning new moves for step sequences. Special attention is given to the edge changes and propriety of positions.


General and special physical preparation. Skaters are working on general conditioning to improve strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, are learning the elements of figure skating on the floor, have a training with rubber and spinner


Classical choreography - an integral part of the figure skating. here are developing the child's sense of rhythm, flexibility, accuracy, diligence and are forming the correct body posture.


Individual training sessions, where we create a well-balanced Short Programs or Free Skates. Also, we are working with existing programs - polish and make technical and artistic improvements.


Increasing the skills, developing coordination and vestibular stability, improving performance for figure skaters of all ages and abilities, from the beginners to professionals.



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Marija & Jekaterina Nikitini

Participant of Summer & winter Figure Skating Camp in Latvia & Russia

Many thanks to the coaches for the interesting, productive ice camp!!! For young skaters, we wish a new achievement in competitions! We are sad to leave and looking forward to a new meeting!

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Polina Zeits, Russia

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

I want to express my deep gratitude to Alexander and his team !!! We arrived for 3 weeks and are very pleased with the success, you taught my daughter a lot! We plan to come again next year!

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Margarita Kursīte, Norwey

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

We really liked the friendly atmosphere in the team and professional disposition towards their job. We were excited of their talent, knowledge, professionalism. Thank you for the care and attention to children, for the tact and respect to their parents. Thanks. Good luck!!!

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Alina Skorniakova, Scotland

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp

We came to your figure skating camp for the first time. We want to thank you so much for everything! Alina has never enjoyed a figure skating so much. I do not recognize my child! Clearly, I see the progress! As a parent, I can say that the camp is organized well and thoughtfully. Children work to the full power. With great pleasure, we will return again.

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Ekaterina Mitroshina, Russia

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp

We want to express our gratitude to the coaches of the International Figure Skating School of Alexander Ryabinin. For two weeks of stay here was a lot of work with our daughter. We are leaving with a good result and a great mood. The professionalism of coaches is difficult to describe in words. The load is distributed very well and the children quickly fall in love with the training schedule. We recommend this school to all skaters!

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Alisa & Alina Kvjatkovsky, Belarus

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Thank you for your efforts, for the work, for professionalism! Children improved their technique of skating, finally fell in love with the ice and wants to return! It's great that there are professionals on the ice, in the gym and in choreography! Children fell in love with choreography and off-ice training! Hope to see you soon!!!

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Milana Alekseeva, Belgium

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

I want to thank the International Figure Skating camps team for their professionalism and excellent work with children. My daughter got in shape after the injury and gained new skills. This is our first experience with a trip to the figure skating ice camp, and we were satisfied! My daughter wants to come back again as soon as possible and we will be happy to support her! Thank you very much!

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Darja Vlasenko, France

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

All coaches work with full dedication, paying attention to each child. Our children enjoyed practicing for several hours a day. Thanks to all the coaches! And I would also like to note the wonderful friendly atmosphere between the parents, and the opportunity to relax on the lake after a busy day, which is 3 minutes from the ice rink. We will be glad to return next year!

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Elizabet Polikanovas, France

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Three productive weeks is behind a back ... A little sad, but we are leaving with the hope of a meeting again. We would like to wish the coaching staff to remain always in great shape, to be a cohesive team further. You and all your figure skaters of good results and wins. Sincerely, Thank you very much.

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Anton Rapaoly, France

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Thank you very much for all the training sessions, as well as for assistance in booking hotel and other organizational questions. It's great that a lot of time is spent not only for jumps, but also for pirouettes. In your camp, Anton started to learn new positions for the first time and improved basic ones. He liked Alexander's method of learning jumps - especially the jumps of new entrances. Thanks to that, I believe that Anton has made great progress in this camp. The choreographer was also very professional in his case, and even within 2 weeks, the result was visible. We are very pleased with the job you have done. I would like to find another opportunity to participate in your camp again. Thank you very much!

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Noora Vuorinen, Finland

Participant of Figure Skating Summer, Winter, Spring Camp in Latvia

Really good camp - I recommend! They will teach, demand, praise, support. And if necessary, compassion to a child. In the learning process, coaches find the right words to each child, from small to large. Also, there is good contact between parents and coaches. Periodically coaches give information to parents about the training process, development of the skater, what happened or why something did not work and what is needed for that. We had a very long process to jump Axel (1.5 years at least). Many coaches were involved in this learning process. At this figure skating summer camp, Alexander Ryabinin found the approach for this jump .... we did it and now we are jumping. Super!

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Alisa Afanasjeva, Netherlands

Participant of Spring, Summer, Autumn Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Thank you so much for your outstanding job! It's cool that you are organizing this figure skating camps. I wish you a lot of brave skaters and grateful viewers;)

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Sophia Fuellhart, Holand

Participant of Summer & Autumn Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

We are coming from Holand at this figure skating camp the first time. To my mind, here are so professional team of coaches and they are working with the interest. Even after a few days here, the result is noticeable. On the training sessions are requires the skaters to perform the task accurately, All of the coaches are demonstrate the elements so good. Organization of camp and schedule of training - all is well. Many thanks to all for the wonderful training sessions, I hope we will come here again soon.

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Rosanne Granseth, Norway

Participant of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Thank you so much for the excellent figure skating camp in Latvia. We come for the 3rd time to Alexander Ryabinin’s training ice camp. We are very grateful that coaches share their knowledge in the field of this beautiful sport. The coaches are at the highest professional level, Here is an individual approach to each child. During the figure skating camp, our figure skating program was improved - choreography, posture, hand movements. Elements of figure skating are taught not only on ice, but also in physical training and choreography lessons, which helped us a lot to improve our skating as a whole. It is worth noting that the discipline is at a very high level, without which no one can become a good figure skater. We are engaged in figure skating for just a 1,5 year, we have mastered all single jumps, for which we thank the international figure skating school of Alexander Ryabinin in Latvia. We wish you patience, endurance and excellent mood in your work. We will be back for next camp in December!

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Sophia Lamprinou, Greece

Участница осенних сборов в Латвии

Thank you so much for the figure skating camp! I was pleased with the work of coaches on the ice. I would like to note the individual approach to each child, as well as close cooperation with parents. There was a friendly atmosphere at the training camp. We were satisfied !!! We wish further development to all coaches and skaters.

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Celina Mouratova, Denmark

Участница осенних и весенних сборов в Латвии

Thanks to Alexander and his team for the professional approach to training children. My daughter and I come for the 3rd time and she really likes Alexander. Thank you very much and look forward to new meetings and training!

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Zlatoslava Baranova, Russia

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Russia & Latvia

Urrraaaa !!!!! Zlatoslava in the figure skating competition took 3rd place!!! Many thanks to the coaches!!! All double jumps were performed easily, just as it was taught at Lobnya in the Figure Skating Camp in Russia this summer!!! Sincere thanks and we bow down in respect to our teacher - Alexander!

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Aube-Laure & Alexine, Belgium

Участница летних и весенних сборов в Латвии

Thank's a lot for the teaching. With your help, our girls do the doubles in 4 months. You have a strong team, Alexander!!!

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Amalie Synstad, Norway

Участница осенних сборов в Латвии

We joined your excellent Autumn figure Skating Camp and it was a really nice and interesting experience! There is a cultural difference between the way we train in Norway and there we practice a more "loose" discipline;), but our girls really had an eye-opener on how to work harder and more focused. Very useful!!! So thank you for that, and thank you very much for pulling up with us!

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Alina Isina, Kazahstan

Participant of the Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

My granddaughter Alina attend this ice training camp for the 5th time. She really likes it! Each season ends with new successes and with a good physical shape. Thanks to the coaches for their work and love for children. We wish them health and success in their work.

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Vladislava Ponomarenko, Ukrain

Participant of Figure Skating Summer Camp

International Skating Ice Camp - is an excellent opportunity for a skater to acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge. In this camp, we were the first time. We came for 2 weeks. The training schedule is built correctly, the child had time to relax, and to eat. A great opportunity was provided on EXTRA ice. Also, it was always possible to find time for individual lessons. Vladislava liked it very much, and this is the main thing. Thanks to the whole team for the daily hard work !!! We believe that this experience will help us in the future of our sports life!!!

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Ksenja Agafonova, Finland

Participant of the Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Figure Skating Ice Camp in La

The figure skating ice camp was so productive as always. We came to the Alexander and his professional team for the 5th time and all the time we are satisfied with the organization of the camp and the results of the child. Thanks for the justified hopes.

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Milana Gasnikova, Chicago, USA

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

The skating camp was awesome. The coaches were amazing and helped improve and learn elements such as jumps and spins. All the coaches were great and fun. For example, Elzbeta was strict but in a nice way. If you were working hard and completing the tasks correctly and nicely she would see it and would really appreciate it and congratulate you. The other coach was very friendly and knew how to talk to children and help them so next time they would do it better. And last but no least, Alexander, he was also very helpful and respectful. He worked hard to teach everyone how to do elements and how to make them better. Without him there wouldn't be this camp and great opportunity to skate and make great friends that would help you reach your goals and help you throughout the weeks. Thank you for everything and we will be coming back.

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Joanne Chen, Taiwan

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Thank's a lot for providing such great ice skating training camp. Joanne really enjoys in all activities during this camp. She learned lots of skills and improved her capability from all coaches. I want to sincerely thank Alexander, Elzbeta, Anton, Diana and Anna. You make my daughter dream come true. Every training here are very helpful for Joanne's learning. I believe Joanne will become more strong after this solid training camp. She starts to miss you all tonight. Many appreciate your efforts! Joanne will join Taiwan Ice Skating competition on November. With your coaches, I believe she will win the first position. Hope to share the news with all you in future. We will definitely come back again next time. I will also share my expierence with other Taiwan skaters can join your training camp in future. Let's keep in touch. See you soon.

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Lori Halperin, Israel

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Great young trainers, very professional and well understanding psychology of children. My daughter cried when she said goodbye to them. We will surely return!

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Aube-Laure Drijkoningen, Belgium

Participant of Spring & Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Zeer goed kamp, de meisjes hebben veel bijgeleerd. De rotator is erg aan te bevelen. Zeer goede accommodatie dicht bij de schaatsbaan en de voedingswinkels. Zeer goed georganiseerd door Alexander en Anja. This is dutch for: perfect! Thanks Alexander and Anja for the hard work.

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Uma Zagele, Canada, USA

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

Kudos to coaches and those the scenes that organized this whole summer of figure skating. It was tough work and fun at the same time. Thank you!

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Sanaelle Applasawmy, France

Participant of Summer Figure Skating Camp in Latvia

It is a very good first expierence for our daughter. The coaches are really noce and show the kids properly what to do. Thank's to all the team!!! See you for another Camp!

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