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Figure Skating Camps summer winter autumn spring 2024 ice skating camps in Europe, Russia, Asia.

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Marianske Lazne
05.08.2024 — 24.08.2024

Ice Camps at the International Figure Skating Academy of A. Ryabinin


The International Figure Skating Academy of Alexander Ryabinin is a successful sports organization, that has been providing figure skating classes in Europe, Russia, and Asia since 2013. Throughout our operation, we have arranged more than 50 international figure skating camps, and more than 5000 skaters from all over the world have been participating in our professional ice camps based on Russian training methods. Many figure skaters have achieved high results, have become participants and winners of prestigious tournaments and figure skating competitions, and have become high-level athletes. The coaches of Alexander Ryabinin's International Figure Skating Academy are world-class specialists, World Champions, and Honored Coaches of Russia.


Individual training and classes in mini-groups. The training takes place in Riga, Latvia. Training sessions for your child on dates convenient for you. You can choose the count of training sessions by yourself. We provide On-ice training, Off-ice training in the sports hall, choreography and ballet, and special training sessions using modern technologies for figure skaters. Great opportunity to reach a new higher skating level in a short time. A great opportunity to reach a new level of figure skating in a short period of time.

International figure skating camps in Russia, Europe, and Asia. We have accumulated extensive experience in organizing and conducting figure skating camps. Our training program is constantly being improved thanks to regular communication with the coaches of the Olympic champions. The aim of the International Figure Skating camps of A. Ryabinin's Academy is to teach the correct technique for performing figure skating elements. For beginner skaters, we give the base they need so much, for professional skaters, we correct the technique, improve their performance, and teach new elements of figure skating. Our training camps employ specialists for the correct jumping technique, as well as coaches for gliding and spins. Also, all skaters gain impressive physical fitness in the sports hall.

Online training. Since 2020, we have been running online training sessions for skaters every day except Sunday. A special training program was developed, thanks to which the athlete can not only maintain his physical abilities at home but also continue to develop them successfully. This a rare opportunity to train at home with high-level specialists. The training program is very diverse: general physical fitness, training with an elastic band, the technique of jumps, choreography, ballet, stretching, and acrobatics.  We receive a lot of positive feedback from athletes and their parents.

Hi. I'm Alexander, the head coach of the international figure ice skating Academy. Are you passionate about figure skating? We provide a package consists of choreography for dance sequences, off ice training for physical fitness, stretching for flexibility and ice training will be given by skilled professionals on jumps, glides, and spins. We use modern technologies: harness system to learn jumps and A Mishins vestibular Simulator in accelerating the process of learning the jumps and spins. Upon request, we provide additional on ice and create programs for competitions. The training process is well organized in such a way that you could see the progress and perfection. See you soon!


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Figure skating camps of A.Ryabinin

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Address: LIELA IELA 19 - 2, MARUPE, LV-2167
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Bank name: SWEDBANK AS
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Purpose of payment: Name, a surname of the skater

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