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How to dress your child for ice practice? Clothing, tips and comfort on the ice

How to dress your child for ice practice? Clothing, tips and comfort on the ice

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How to dress your child for ice training: tips from experts

Ice training is a great opportunity for your child to show himself in figure skating or hockey. However, to protect him from possible hypothermia or injury, it is important to choose the right clothes for ice. In this article, we will tell you how to ensure your child's comfort and safety while on the ice.

1. Insulated suit or overalls
Your child should be well-insulated, so the best choice is an insulated suit or jumpsuit. This will keep him warm and protect him from the piercing cold of the ice. Remember that vigorous exercise can cause excessive sweating, so choose clothing made of breathable materials that wick away moisture well.

2. warm socks
We recommend thick cotton socks - this is the key to a comfortable and safe activity on the ice. The socks should be warm and not slip in the boot. It is also important that the socks are comfortable as your child will be spending extended periods on the ice.

3. Headgear and gloves
Don't forget to protect your child's head and hands. The hat, scarf, and gloves should be made of insulated materials to keep warm and prevent frostbite. Remember that most heat is lost through the head, so headgear is a must for ice activities.

4. Protective equipment
If your child is involved in figure skating or hockey, it is important to provide protective equipment. Knee, elbow, and back protection will help prevent injuries and a helmet will keep them safe in case of a fall. Remember, safety always comes first!

5. Thermal underwear
Thermal underwear clothing serves as extra insulation and is great for outdoor activities on the ice. This layer of clothing will help retain body heat and wick moisture away from the skin, keeping your child comfortable while practicing.

6. Time and weather
Don't forget to consider the weather conditions and the time when practice is taking place. If training on ice takes place in the cold season, it is recommended to insulate your child by wearing insulated socks, pants, and a sweatshirt. If training takes place indoors, you can do it with a medium layer of insulated clothing.

The right choice of clothing for ice training will help your child feel comfortable and confident on the ice, as well as provide safety and protection from external influences. Remember that your child's health and comfort are top priorities when practicing on the ice. Take care of your little athletes and let the activities on the ice bring them only joy and benefit!


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