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Figure Skating Camps summer winter autumn spring 2024 ice skating camps in Europe, Russia, Asia.

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24.06.2024 — 03.08.2024
Figure Skating China Ryabinin Camps

Figure Skating China Ryabinin Camps

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Figure skating in China is at a high level of development. Chinese figure skaters continue to improve their technique and are rapidly developing in world figure skating. China is on the list of leaders, and top countries for the development of figure skating: Russia, Japan, China, USA, and Canada. Chinese figure skaters demonstrate their figure skating skills at high-level international competitions.

The International Figure Skating Academy of A. Ryabinin invites Chinese figure skaters to attend international figure skating camps in Europe as an additional and effective training method on the path to becoming a high-level figure skater.

The Alexander Ryabinin International Figure Skating Academy organizes and conducts figure skating camps during school holidays, mainly in Europe. Also, you can use our offer the ORDER FIGURE SKATING CAMP and we will hold a training camp for your team of athletes at your home, in China, or in any other country in the world.

In teaching figure skating, we use only the latest technologies based on revolutionary teaching methods in the strongest figure skating schools in countries such as Russia, the USA, and Canada.

Continuous exchange of coaching experience with world-class coaches makes it possible to be leaders in organizing and providing effective figure skating camps.

The coaching team for international training camps includes Honored World Champions and certified international figure skating specialists with extensive coaching experience in teaching figure skating to athletes of all levels of skating.

If you want to receive high-quality figure skating training, learn the necessary elements of figure skating in a shorter time, expand your horizons, and find new friends in the world of figure skating, then we are waiting for you at useful Ryabinin Camps camps.


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Address: LIELA IELA 19 - 2, MARUPE, LV-2167
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