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How to motivate children to play sports?

How to motivate children to play sports?

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Support, parents, and children
The support of parents in all endeavors is the basis for the motivation of the child. Take your child to the sports section, give him the opportunity to take part in competitions more often, and praise and believe in your child, then he will feel your support.

The child should know why he goes for sports. Tell your child about the benefits of playing sports. Explain what useful qualities develop when playing sports, of course, based on the age of the child, use examples that will be most understandable for the child.

Videos and books
As proof of what you said, you need to show everything visually and films are best suited for this. Short videos and films about athletes, and competitions. The Olympic Games inspire children very much, you can introduce your child to interesting literature about athletes. If a child has an idol, then he will try to become the same strong athlete.

You need to understand that after one year of training, you will not become an Olympic champion, you need to explain to the child why this is so and how you need to train in order to become a famous athlete. It is important to bring to the child that it takes a lot of time and diligence to become a great athlete. Praise the child for his victories, and if there are no victories yet, cheer him up with a kind word, interest will not disappear and the child will feel more confident.

Example for a child
If you are engaged in sports activities, then this will motivate the child even more than if you were not an athlete. A personal example is the most important component of education.

If you are not an athlete, start exercising, it is important to show your child your activity, do exercises, and walk regularly, you need to show your child physical activity, movement is life.

Don't Compare Children
Comparison between children most often develops stubbornness in a child and greatly reduces self-esteem. The child stops believing in himself, loses interest in sports, and later stops playing sports.

One of the best ways to motivate a child. Awards and gifts for victories in competitions, the child will always be happy to receive a gift.

Pressure on the child
If your child decides to stop attending training sessions, take it seriously. It is important to find the reason for this behavior as soon as possible. To identify the cause, use the method of conversation and observation.

Children cannot know what they want, so the task of the parent is to find out which sport is more suitable for the child. Sport is a laborious process that requires great perseverance, causing a desire to stop exercising and this must be monitored. For a child, sports should be associated with health, being positive, and the opportunity to receive awards and gifts.


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