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Online training for figure skaters children and adults at home with Ryabinin Camps Team

Online training sessions for figure skaters. Preparation for ice skating camps.
Online training for figure skaters children and adults at home with Ryabinin Camps Team

Online training sessions for figure skaters CHILDREN & ADULTS at home

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How to save the good physical shape of your child staying at home? The best solution - Online training sessions for figure skaters at home! Our team of qualified trainers offers a unique training course. No one doesn't offer such courses for figure skaters. We offer a training course in which, ATTENTION, we include: special physical preparation and general physical preparation for skaters from an experienced trainer from St.Petersburg Alexander Ryabinin, classic choreography for skaters from famous ballet masters, stretching for skaters of all ages, what will provide the World Champion in figure skating from Russia. All of these training sessions are provided only by qualified specialists who really understand their business 100%.

Why do you need to train at home?

There may be several reasons, but the main one: if it is not possible to attend daily training classes, you need to use the opportunities that you have, maintain your athletic form, and continue to develop your physical abilities. Often there is not enough time for training sessions in the gym, so let's take this opportunity and improve our physical abilities now!

Schedule of basic training sessions

Online training sessions are held from 18.45-20.45 Rigas, Latvian time and include (training mentioned below are included in the cost of online training fees). You can sign up for training sessions by phone at +37125926560 Whatsapp or by sending an online application on our web page.

OFF ICE COACH ALEXANDER: Mon.-Fri. 18.45-19.45
STRETCHING. COACH ANNA: Mon.-Fri., 19.45-20.45
STRETCHES. COACH ANNA: Sat., 17.00-19.00

Additional training sessions

Questions: +37125926560 Whatsapp

Dates & Fees

20.04.2023 - 23.06.2023

*To secure a place for Online training for your skater, you should pay in advance 50% of the Online training fee.


One training lesson:
- OFF ICE. Coach Alexander
- Choreography+stretching. Coach Anna
- Stretching. Coach Аnna


The price includes:
- OFF ICE. Coach Alexander, 5h/6 days.
- Choreography+stretching. Coach Anna, 2h/6 days.
- Stretching. Coach Аnna, 5h/6 days.

Our coaches


Certified technical coach to all levels from single to quad jumps. Master of Sports of Russia in figure skating. Read more


Figure skating camp coordinator. Team manager. Event organizer.Read more


Experienced specialist of gliding and spins technique. Master of sports of Russia in figure skating. Three-time champion of Russia. Two-time world champion. Read more


Certified figure skating coach from Finland



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Riley Monette. Denmark

Participant of Online Training at Home

Dear Anna, thank you for helping to make private zoom lessons such a positive experience for Riley. With all of your patience, and attention Riley has achieved a lot. She has started off on the right foot by having you as her coach! Kind Regards, Rika

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Anabelle Jablonska, Scotland

Participant of indoor training in Academy

Anabelle had a few lessons with Alexander and her jumping improved immediately Alexander corrects the mistakes immediately. I highly recommend his training!!!

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Elisabeth Marie Fischer-Dieskau, Germany

Participant of Indoor training Online

I enjoy training at the International Figure Skating Academy of A.Ryabinin very much because I learn many new things from the Academy and because coaches are strict but also appreciate and encourage me. If I do something wrong, coaches always explain it and so I learn to do it better. This Academy has excellent coaches! Thank you! Elisabeth (8, soon 9 years old).

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Erin McPate. England

Participant of Online Training at Home

I got the online training for my daughter and she loved it. This really helped her improve her jumps and flexibility quickly and it was very good quality training.

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Sarah Dziubia. USA

Participant of Online Training at Home

Sarah likened it very much and enjoyed it! Also, she enjoys stretching with Anna and it helps a lot! Workouts with coach Alexander helps her start a day and get stronger! Thank you very much, coaches!

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Gracelyn Thomas. USA

Participant of Online Training at Home

Gracelyn has really loved the classes. She especially likes the exercises with the rubber bands. This is such good exercise for building muscle for jumps. No one has done that for her in any of the exercise classes that she had here in America. Her arms were sore, and her legs were sore!

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Sophia Schoneveld. Netherlands

Participant of Online Training at Home

Hi, Alexander en Anna, great training, and for the wonderful ballet training with Marian. Sophia wishes we would have the same quality in the Netherlands. Many Thanks, Petra

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Mina Diana Dax. Slovakia

Participant of Online Training at Home

We`ve just finished an online training camp and are very happy with it. We see improvements yet, the training was great, very effective, and also fun. You are very kind people, my daughter really loves you! Wish you good luck and many satisfied skaters and their parents. Lulu

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