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Marianske Lazne
10.10.2022 — 22.10.2022

The goals and objectives of our figure skating camps

If you will ask the participants of a figure skating training camp before the classes start why they have come, the answer will be "Learn to skate". But, firstly, everyone puts something different in this phrase, and secondly, any training, especially figure skating training, should be structured and logical.

Therefore, at each figure skating camp, we create a special training plan and set goals for each skater.  Basically, at the figure skating training camps, we teach the correct technique of jumping, spinning, and gliding, and learn new skating steps and figure skating elements. At the same time, special attention at the figure skating camp is paid to reducing the risk of injury, developing flexibility, strength, and endurance, to activities aimed at a sense of rhythm, correct posture.

Of course, the figure skating camp can not be without individual training, which involves the preparation of beautiful figure skating programs. During the camp, skaters can polish their existing figure skating programs, improve or complicate it, work on choreography, or start creating a new program from the beginning.

In general, everyone has their own goals for figure skating. But we will definitely reach them together.


Learning the right technique of jumping relying on the latest training methods, whose effectiveness had already been proved by strongest Russian figure skating schools.


Training sessions with the harness. Significantly accelerates the learning process of jumping, reduces the risk of injury and gives the confidence during the jumps.


Learning spinning techniques and new spin positions. Working with spin level increasing and spin combinations. Variations of spins with different leg and arm positions.


Basics of the figure skating. Teaching the right technique of gliding and learning new moves for step sequences. Special attention is given to the edge changes and propriety of positions.


General and special physical preparation. Skaters are working on general conditioning to improve strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, are learning the elements of figure skating on the floor, have a training with rubber and spinner


Classical choreography - an integral part of the figure skating. here are developing the child's sense of rhythm, flexibility, accuracy, diligence and are forming the correct body posture.


Individual training sessions, where we create a well-balanced Short Programs or Free Skates. Also, we are working with existing programs - polish and make technical and artistic improvements.


Increasing the skills, developing coordination and vestibular stability, improving performance for figure skaters of all ages and abilities, from the beginners to professionals.


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