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Psychological support for skaters at Ryabinin Camps

Psychological support for skaters at Ryabinin Camps

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On the difficult path to high achievements in figure skating, figure skaters face various difficulties and stresses: high competition, pressure from the public and judges, injuries and overexertion, the need to improve their technique and artistry, to combine sport with studies and personal life.

All these factors can negatively affect the psychological state of skaters, reducing their motivation, self-confidence, concentration, ability to self-regulate, and adaptation to changing conditions. Therefore, the psychological training of figure skaters is an integral part of their sports activity and an important condition for achieving high results.

We, the Ryabinin Camps Team, realize how important psychological support is for figure skaters at figure skating camps. We offer our camp participants individual and group work with experienced coaches and sports psychologists to help them:

To develop mental functions and processes necessary for successful control of movements and performance of figure skating elements (sensations, perception, representations, thinking, memory, imagination);
to form psychological stability in competitions, which depends on self-confidence, aspiration to fight for victory, available level of emotional excitement, a strong degree of resistance to unfavorable external and internal influences, and ability to be able to manage their actions, feelings, and behavior;
learn effective techniques of self-regulation of mental states, such as relaxation, meditation, visualization, self-injury, self-assessment, self-control, and self-analysis;
increase one's motivation, purposefulness, self-discipline, responsibility, initiative, creativity, communication, and teamwork skills;
cope with psychological problems related to figure skating, such as fear, anxiety, nervousness, insecurity, doubts, frustration, depression, aggression, conflicts, dependence on the opinion of others, low self-esteem, perfectionism, procrastination, burnout syndrome, etc.

Psychological support for figure skaters at Ryabinin Camps is provided in the form of individual consultations, psychological testing, training, seminars, lectures, games, discussions, and other methods adapted to the age, level, and specifics of the skaters. Psychological support is conducted in close cooperation with coaches, parents, and other specialists involved in the training of skaters. The sports psychologist is ready to communicate at training camps and online.

We are sure that psychological support for figure skaters at Ryabinin Camps will help you not only to improve your athletic performance but also to find harmony, happiness, and pleasure from figure skating!


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