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How important are spins in figure skating?

How important are spins in figure skating?

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Spins are a necessary element in figure skating. Spins look very impressive and have many variations. Spins allow the skater to demonstrate his ability to maintain balance in difficult positions at high speed.

Let's see - does your child need spins?

You will say that spins are not such difficult elements of figure skating and you will be right. Many people know how to rotate, so mistakes are not allowed there, the technique of rotation must be polished and perfected to 100%. Notice, professionals never falls from the spins!

Spins help develop coordination skills of the skater, without this skills it is not possible to learn multi-turn jumps.

Attention, please! Technically correct is to start to learn Axel or double jumps from single jumps into the spin.
A child should land on the right leg and spin. It means that better if a kid learns to spin on the right foot before starting to learn Axel or double jumps. Unfortunately, this is not always happening!

With the help of spins, the skater shows his skating skills.  

Our team has good specialists for spins and steps - Eva and Kristina - masters of sports and Latvian champions in figure skating. They will definitely help your child learn the technique of spins. Both girls are very good at performing spins themselves, fully understand the technique of the spins, know all details and nuances in teaching children for spins.

If you think that your child needs to learn the correct technique of spins, then we are waiting for you at our figure skating camps, which we organize in Russia and Europe throughout the year. Choose the most convenient dates for participating in our camp, fill the application form and see you soon!


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